Italy: Salvini Films Helpless Baby Migrants Invading Shores

If the media won’t do its job (they will not), then you just have to go do it yourself.

(Until you get banned from social media.)

Infowars Europe:

Italy’s former deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini slammed the Italian government, accusing officials of helping facilitate an invasion of thousands of illegal migrants onto the nation’s Mediterranean islands.

The nationalist-populist figurehead recently visited Lampedusa, where over 5,000 migrants have arrived from Africa in the past month alone.

“Here are the hotspots of Lampedusa. As you can see the dramatic situation, there are 800 people instead of 190, almost all adults, male, young, fit and handsome and robust,” Salvini wrote alongside photos depicting large groups of foreign males congregated around the island.

“They are not shipwrecked. There is a shameful trafficking in human beings of which the Italian government is a criminal accomplice.”

Salvini posted video of himself observing the port at Lampedusa as a boatload of illegal migrants arrived.

“Look, this is the port of Lampedusa in the evening, with people who work hard, who love activities, that has a stage, restaurant and shop, and that is a landing for small boats and large boats,” Salvini said.

“Yesterday, there was a record of landings at Lampedusa for recent years. It is impossible. Therefore I can’t wait to see a return of government with serious people to again shut down the ports to criminals and reopen them to decent people and fishermen and tourists.”

Despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis and related lockdown measures imposed upon Italian citizens, over 5,000 migrants have arrived in Lampedusa in the past month, according to local officials.

Thinking about this, it’s obvious that after the Democrats gain power, social media companies will do things like ban the Italian government from uploading videos of the invasion. The Kremlin already told Russians not to put too much effort into Western social media, because they will just ban you.

I think at some point, the social media companies will be so totally useless for their initial purpose, that someone is going to have to come along and offer an alternative. Hopefully, it will be someone like the Russian or Italian government, because it is only governments that are going to be able to avoid what happened to the Daily Stormer – when they just stole the domain.

It’s clear that there is not ever going to be a way to process payments using credit cards, because as Dick Masterson found out, once you get right down to it, even having an off-shore bank doesn’t help, because MasterCard itself will shut you down if they don’t like your politics. But, there should be options for keeping some form of speech online, even after the total Democrat crackdown.

Of course, the solution then will be for the government to order ISPs to hard-block certain sites, and then ban VPNs.

You really, really need to get involved in crypto, because that will give you the ability to do things like buy a VPN after the US government has banned them. Please read my guide. They’re no doubt going to make it harder to buy crypto after the coming Red Dawn, because they don’t want people to flee to it as the US dollar is collapsing. You need to get on this now.