Italy: Post-Salvini Government Letting Smuggler Boat Drop Invaders in Their Country

Daily Stormer
September 14, 2019

Look goyim – Syrian child refugees!

On the one hand, them doing this is probably gonna make it an easier win for the League in the next elections.

On the other hand, more of these monkeys coming into Europe is not a good thing.

And keep in mind, they’re not just restarting the invasion, but also actively removing Italian nationalists from the internet too, because Salvini didn’t do shit about this when he should’ve, and that’s gonna make it harder for them to win the elections.


An NGO migrant transport with 82 migrants aboard says it has been given permission to dock at a tiny Italian island.Ocean Viking’s crew said Saturday that Italian authorities instructed the ship to sail to Lampedusa island.

It isn’t clear if Italy’s new government is softening its anti-migration policy. The previous coalition banned NGO ships from bringing migrants to Italy.

Fifty of those aboard were picked up on Sept. 8 from a flimsy rubber dinghy launched from Libya by people taffickers. Thirty-four other migrants were picked up the next day in the Mediterranean. A woman about to give birth and her husband were taken to Malta earlier in the week.

Quick reminder that the most important guy in the “Democratic Party” in Italy, the one that just made the new government with the 5-Star Movement, is a Jew.

Nicola Zingaretti, another Jew trying to exterminate Europeans

This is an important thing to remember, because EVERY.SINGLE.HECKING.TIME. is not just another meme – it is the meme, the single most important thing that we must never forget.