Italy: Patriots Confront Communist Cat Ladies

Daily Stormer
November 30, 2017

A bunch of disgusting old whores (and a cuck) from something called “Como without borders” were having a meeting to discuss how they can better destroy their own nation when some brave Italian men came in, peacefully read a declaration and then peacefully left.

They now all consider themselves “martyrs” in the fight against fascism.

The Local:

 A gang of skinheads barged in on voluntary workers in the city of Como on Tuesday night to denounce their efforts to help migrants in Italy, which they claimed was subject to an “invasion”.

“What are these silly goyim talking about? There’s no invasion, the schwartzas are just killing themselves to pay your pensions!”

“Any goy who looks at this and sees an invasion is just a repressed homosexual” – Professor Shlomo

The group of around 15 men, who said they belonged to a group called Veneto Fronte Skinheads, interrupted members of Como Without Borders, a network of associations that help migrants and refugees in northern Italy, as they met in a local community centre.

Dressed in matching black bomber jackets, the men surrounded the volunteers’ conference table and listened as their spokesman read aloud a wordy screed decrying globalism and immigration.

Bomber jackets look good. We need more of those.

Amid awkward silence, he claimed that European people were being “replaced” by “non-people” and denounced those who assist migrants as “proponents of immigrationism [sic] at all costs, incapable of seeing that their sick logic is sacrificing people the world over on the altar of alienating turbo-capitalism”.

“For all of you, children of a country that you no longer love,” he told the volunteers, “we’re here to remind you that the real people loves and does not destroy itself. Stop the invasion.

“Now you can go back to discussing how to ruin our country,” he concluded.

What part of this is a “screed”? Every single word of it is true.

I’ve read the blog of these insane whores, and they even have a post where they blame the Italian government for the 26 niggereses from Niggeria that other niggers gang-raped and drowned.

These are not sane people who should be allowed to walk the streets.

The whole encounter only lasted a few minutes. Yet commentators say it’s another alarming sign of how visible neo-fascism is becoming in Italy, as economic crisis combines with the arrival of migrants – and the stirring of populist politicians – to fuel xenophobia.

“It is unacceptable that that a group clearly inspired by neo-fascism interrupts a peaceful meeting to deliver their racist ramblings,” commented Carla Nespolo, the president of Italy’s partisans’ association Anpi, which maintains a lookout for new forms of fascism in Italy.

The group called on the government to give an urgent response to what it described as “the umpteenth, shameful episode”.

ANOTHER FUCKING WOMAN! In a sane country, the second a woman opens her mouth about politics, the nearest man would stick his hand in her mouth and rip her tongue out. Because the second you give them any political rights, they start openly sabotaging civilization for muh feels.

I understand not all of them are like this, but too many are to make any exceptions.

Veneto Fronte Skinheads are a prime example of what Italy calls “naziskins” – a portmanteau of Nazi and skinhead. Founded in 1986, according to La Repubblica, in recent years the group has taken to targeting charities that offer assistance to migrants.

Its website posts pictures of recent stunts, which seem to consist chiefly of hanging homemade banners attacking charities, denouncing Islam, praising Nazi collaborators and commemorating Allied bombings on Nazi Germany.

I like these guys, BTW. They keep it legal(or if they’re not, they’re good at hiding it, which is even better), but actually do stuff.

Asked to comment, the leader of the Northern League – a nationalist, far-right party that has made immigration its leading talking point – said the skinheads were wrong to enter the meeting without permission.

“That’s not the way to solve the problem of immigration, which so far has been tackled with the wrong policies,” Matteo Salvini told La Repubblica, adding that his supporters are planning nationwide demonstrations this weekend against a new law that would allow the children of non-Italian residents to seek citizenship.

For those of you wondering, Lega Nord are not actually nationalists. They’re basically what in America would be called Alt-Lite, their pride and joy being the fact that the first nigger mayor in Italy is from their party.

Smaller groups like Veneto Fronte Skinheads are much more likely to actually fix Italy and the rest of Europe, not these cucks who call themselves patriots and then bring monkeys in their organizations.

Also, notice how easy it is to trigger these fucking vermin.

The reason they’re winning is not because they’re strong, but because we’re weak.

But that’s changing, slowly…