Italy: Pakistani Beats Up, Attempts to Rape 70-Year-Old Italian Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2020

He then beat up the elderly cop who responded to her cries.

This was one wacky Paki.

Vox (Translation):

Just before 2 pm yesterday, the 70-year-old was returning home, when the Pakistani, described as an energumen, attacked and dragged her into an alley where he repeatedly hit her with kicks and punches and while trying to pull her pants off, the desperate cries of the woman drew the attention of the carabiniere who – free from service – was in those parts.

The marshal who defended the old woman was a ferocious and brutal attack that cost the carabiniere (also close to retirement) a serious eye injury and a fracture of the facial bones.

The soldier runs towards the scene and qualifies, intimating the thug to let the woman go – first mistake: he shoots himself – but the migrant turns quickly and – almost by surprise – with all his force he punches him in the face and provokes him eye trauma that knocks him out.

The Pakistani runs away, the marshal calls for help and sounds the alarm. 118 arrives on the spot, bringing the wounded to Cardarelli, in the meantime a patrol of the flying team intercepts the fugitive and hunts him.

He, in front of the policemen who order him to stop, claims to feel unwell and therefore decide to take him to the emergency room where the doctors hospitalize him under observation, under police surveillance because from there to a few hours the detention turns into arrest.

Facial trauma, spleen injuries, bruising and various bruises also for the 70 year old.