Italy: North African Attacks Elderly Man in Supermarket When Asked to Keep Distance

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2020

This is shameful behavior.

These colored invaders should at least respect the social distancing rule while they’re destroying Italy from within.

It’s just basic politeness.

Voice of Europe:

A 60-year-old man was attacked by a North African migrant in a supermarket after he asked the migrant to maintain a distance of a least one meter at the check-out line.

The elderly man was lining up to check-out with his items at a discount store in Corso Trieste when he asked the couple behind him – a North African man with his wife – to maintain at least a one-meter distance between them. At this point, the migrant became irate, started screaming and threatened the elderly man physically, La Stampa reports.

“He started screaming, threatening to break my face. He approached. He touched me and breathed on me,” the 60-year-old man from Novara said.

After shop workers attempted to intervene in the situation, the victim said that the migrant became even angrier and began railing against the Italians, calling them “bastards and racists”.

Unfortunately, the ordeal didn’t end inside the supermarket.

After checking out with his items, the North African migrant chased the 60-year-old down, grabbed him, and kneed him in the thigh.

“I didn’t react in the first place because you never know if the attacker is armed or not; secondly, because I wanted to avoid physical contact, with possible risks of coronavirus contagion,” the victim said.

Since the coronavirus outbreak really began to pick up steam over the past month, migrants have become increasingly aggressive, combative, and anti-social.