Italy NO! Moslems and Pope BTFO’d by Salvini’s Party! Christian Chapel Will NOT Become Mosque

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

Don’t give these savages an inch, Salvini!


Lombardy’s populist League-led local government has blocked plans to turn an old chapel into a mosque after an Islamic group outbid Christians at the auction of a church in Bergamo, northern Italy.

The region’s president, Attilio Fontana, announced at the weekend that the council had utilised a 2004 law which allows regional government to halt a sale in the name of safeguarding cultural sites.

According to local media, the auction for the former hospital chapel was won by the Muslim Association of Bergamo which sought to turn the building into another mosque in the city after outbidding the Romanian Orthodox Church, which had used the site for worship since 2015.

Lombardy “will exercise our right of preemption and there will be no room for an appeal” regarding the sale of the church, said Fontana, stating that the council intends to “protect” Christianity in Italy. 

And it gets better.

“I would never have put a church up for sale and I am amazed that the hospital management did not understand how sensitive this issue was,” the League politician said.

“I have already contacted Father Gheorghe Valescu, head of the Romanian Orthodox community in Bergamo, to reassure him and illustrate the actions that are being taken to ensure the community does not lose their place of worship,” added Fontana.

This one massive white pill.

Italians are so based that I look for news coming out of Italy with heightened mood and glorious expectation. Basically the complete opposite of the feeling I get when I look for news out of the UK or Sweden.

It feels like a /pol/ack is running a country.

And it is strange, no? It turns out that Salvini and his “fringe” party are more Christian than the Pope, who we all know by now would love nothing more than to see Italy turned into a Third World Moslem Caliphate.

The Pope and his gay pedo circle would have loved to hand over that chapel to the Moslems.

I want to tease out a larger point here though.

It is clear to me that the people who care the most about Christianity nowadays are also not the most… well, faithful Christians per se. You won’t find us in church for all the different holidays and masses and fasts and prayers and whatever it is that they do in a church (idk I don’t go).

This is not as strange of an anomaly as you might believe. It has always been the lay people like us who have defended the faith with the most vigor, even while we remained the least “faithful.” Think about it: our ancestors couldn’t even read the Bible, and they sure as hell couldn’t give two shits about theological debates surrounding the Holy Trinity or, say, Transubstantiation.

That was nerd shit and our ancestors weren’t nerds. 

Giveth us thy luncheon florins, churl! 

Our ancestors went off to fight and die in distant lands to defend a religion that they barely understood. And that was fine. Because they knew it was theirs. And that because it was theirs, it was worth defending against brown heathens.

Nowadays, the priests themselves have largely given up on their own religion and only use it as a guilt-cudgel against the very people who would fight to preserve it.

We, the semi-faithful are more concerned about the fate of Christianity than the people whose job it is to preserve and promulgate the faith.

Because it seems that we understand what is at stake far better than the priests do.

Even if you struggle with faith as I do, it helps to keep in mind that the Evangelicals are dead wrong about everything and that simply “opening your heart to Jesus” is not the path to salvation.

A Christian must also aggressively and vigorously act in defense of the faith. 

Faith alone is not enough. In fact, faith might come in a distant second when compared to works.

Although you may doubt, and remain largely agnostic, do take comfort in the fact that God will surely recognize his soldiers and their works. In the meantime, just apply the same standards to yourself that you would to your distant ancestors.

And don’t let a bunch of faggot nerd priests get you down.

Salvini gets closer and closer to getting ex-communicated everyday and do you think he gives a fuck? No way, he’s out having squirt gun parties with babes and rounding up niggers to send back to Africa.

When he gets to heaven, God’s gonna take Salvini and patriots like him straight to the VIP room.

Meanwhile, he’s going to take one look at some mewling weak-ass priest who didn’t deport a single nigger in his lifetime and just stuff him in a heavenly locker for being a cuck.

Look in your heart, fren.

You know this to be true.