Italy: Nigerian Sentenced to Eight Years for Murder of Italian Newsagent

Ulderico Esposito

The victim’s widow isn’t too pleased with the lenient sentence.

Napoli Today (Translation):

Alfred Idimudia, the 37-year-old Nigerian accused of the murder of Ulderico Esposito, the newsagent of the Chiaiano station who died on 4 July 2019, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for pre-intentional murder. Ulderico Esposito was hit with two punches in the face interior of the subway station on the evening of 8 June. Less than a month later, the 51-year-old died in the Cardarelli hospital in Naples. The man was sentenced with the abbreviated rite.

The judge did not grant generic extenuating circumstances and confirmed the aggravating circumstance of the futile reasons. “Was my husband’s life worth 8 years?” Ulderico Esposito’s widow told Ansa. “Last year – he added – a righteous man, an exemplary husband and dad were killed. Despite the disappointment I want to continue to believe in justice and to fight so that my husband is not forgotten. Fortunately – concluded Daniela Manzi – in Italy we have three degrees of judgment, I will go all the way”.