Italy: Nigerian Attacks Nurse on Her Way to Work, Tries to Steal Her Car

The real threat to whites isn’t the flu, but the hordes of diverse vibrants that surround us from all sides.

Vox (Translation):

A nurse was attacked by an immigrant while going to work in the hospital. Just before the start of her shift, in the Maggiore parking lot in Parma.

Moments of violence and fear in which the African also took her money and tried to steal her car.

The Nigerian followed the nurse and, as she got out of the car, violently opened the door of the car, removed the little money that was in the cockpit and attempted to steal the car. The woman, under threat, reacted by attracting the attention of a colleague who immediately called the carabinieri who, in turn, arrested the man, a 24-year-old Nigerian, unemployed with precedents behind him. The young man, to whom attempted sexual violence was also contested, is in the district house of Parma.