Italy: New Decree Increases Fines for Invader Ships 20 Times, Allows Arrest of Smuggler Captains

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

Good news is always good.

Just like fun things are always fun.


The Italian government has adopted a new migration and security decree that could see migrant transport NGOs fined up to one million euros for bringing migrants to the country.

The new legislation, named the ‘Security Bis Decree’, was passed in the Italian Senate by a vote of 160 votes to 57 this week and is seen as a victory for populist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

Actually, it was a victory for Italians, not just for this one particular guy.

The result of the vote was welcomed by Mr Salvini who commented: “The Security Bis Decree — granting more powers to law enforcement agencies, more border controls, more men to arrest the Mafiosi and Camorristi crime syndicates — is a law. I thank you, the Italians, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Among the new changes within the decree is a massive increase in the amount the government can fine migrant transport NGOs entering Italian territorial waters without authorisation.

Formerly, the fines were set at 50,000 euros but have been changed to one million euros per violation and the decree also allows for the arrest of captains who ignore orders to stay out of Italian waters as well as giving authorities leeway to confiscate their vessels.

This is good.

They shouldn’t have made this about the Mafia too, though.

The Mafia has been around for centuries, and they’ve never been an existential threat to the nation.

Semi-human vermin flooding your country in the millions, on the other hand – that is an existential threat, so focus on that for now.

While Salvini and his anti-mass migration policies have kept the number of incoming migrants low, several NGOs have begun to operate off the coast of Libya once more including Doctors Without Borders (MSF) which recently launched a new ship in the area.

Fun fact: The most important of the co-founders of Doctors Without Borders is a kike called Bernard Kouchner.

He formed at least 3 NGOs that I could find, and served in (((Sarkozy’s))) “right-wing” government, despite him being openly far-left (former member of the Communist Party).

Per capita, France has probably more Jew politicians than any country except Israel and Britain.

Bet you weren’t expecting that, huh?

The NGO announced that they have, over the last three years, been able to raise 3.5 million euros toward their migrant transport operations, some of which may be used to pay fines imposed by the Italian government.

“This availability is also an insurance to deal with the possible risks and obstacles to our activities at sea that could have financial consequences,” the group said.

Other NGOs operating in the area have been more cautious of attempting to land in Italy since the arrest of Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete in June.

They certainly have much, much more money than that, since by their own accounts keeping a ship like that functional costs around 14-16k per day.

But still, this is good. What’s happening in Italy is good.

It sets a precedent for the rest of Europe, shows just how easy it’s always been to stop this invasion that the kike media keeps telling us is “inevitable” and, most importantly, it’s the first step towards greater things…