Italy: Naked African Smashes Cars with Pipe, Threatens Strangers on Street

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2019

Lots of imported Africans seem to strip off before going on a chimping spree in Europe.

Do they that believe doing so grants them magical powers?

Or is it just more comfortable for them, since it reminds them of life in the jungle?

Vox (Translation):

He stripped naked, took a big pipe and raged by smashing parked cars and threatening everyone.

It happened in Marcianise, Caserta. The immigrant, a non-EU citizen, started wandering around the country completely naked, armed, vandalizing parked cars, bruising and damaging them.

Some of the local residents tried to stop him but the African ran away, until a city police car arrived. Municipal police officers managed to stop him.

They then had to take it out, with no little effort, even from the angry crowd who wanted to throw themselves at the man: in particular the owners of damaged cars.

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