Italy: Mass Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent! Right to Work!

There continue to be large-scale anti-lockdown protests across the Western world.

The media is effectively covering up this movement by simply refusing to report on it, or making it a footnote.

We have no idea what percentage of people still support this lockdown.


Hundreds of angry restaurateurs, plus bar and business owners, descended on a square outside the Italian Parliament in Rome on Tuesday to protest the Covid restrictions that are currently forcing their businesses to remain closed.

The protest turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police, reportedly leaving two policemen and at least one protester injured. A number of arrests were made.

Led by the ‘Movimento Imprese Italiane’ (The Italian Business Movement), the protesters wore shackles and chains and chanted for freedom.

“We put chains on ourselves because we can’t go ahead and accept this situation. We want to reclaim our jobs and our freedom,” said one protester.

Bars and restaurants are open only for takeaway during the day, in line with the current ‘red’ and ‘orange zone’ restrictions, and remain closed at night.

Chanting “Work!” and “Freedom!” the demonstrators in Piazza Montecitorio demanded that the government immediately reopen the businesses.

“We ask for an immediate end to the national lockdown. We ask for an immediate end to the coloring of different regions. And we ask for the immediate opening, without restrictions for people or times, of all commercial activity. Regardless of the statistics related to the disease,” the protester went on to say.

Some protesters are reported to have been in tears and shouting: “We just want to work, we don’t ask for anything else.”

Some restaurant owners were reportedly defying the government orders by promising to open the doors of their establishments from April 7 despite restrictions, as “a matter of survival.”

People deserve freedom, they deserve to be able to work.

No government in history has taken away as much as Western governments have taken away from us.

Even at the height of the Bolshevik Revolution, it wasn’t this bad. The Bolsheviks might have had a curfew at times, but at least people were allowed to visit other people’s houses. The Bolsheviks didn’t make people cover their faces or stick things up their noses. The Bolsheviks didn’t attempt to convince people into undergoing an experimental gene-altering medical procedure.

This current Western, globalist regime makes the Bolsheviks look like Thomas Jefferson in comparison!

You are living through the worst crackdown on human freedom in all of human existence. Of course there is massive resistance, and of course as part of the anti-freedom agenda, that resistance is being covered up.

However, the authorities are aware of these protests. They got really violent in the UK, which is a new thing. So I think they’re going to loosen things up for the summer in most of the West. The UK has already begun loosening up, as has America.

Where you’re really going to see the double-fisting is in fall of next year, when flu season starts.

That’s gonna be full-on vaccine passport lunacy, with these authority-obsessed women being unleashed. It’s probably also going to line up with some pretty serious economic fallout, and all of these immigrants that are going to flood the border being all out on the streets in the cold.

Fun times!