Italy: Lower House of Parliament Approves Bill Outlawing Criticism of Predatory Gay Anal Behavior

Jesus weeps as our society is conquered by anal maniacs and our youth are handed over to them.

Homosexuality, like Judaism, is a global cult and a conspiracy that operates across the entire planet to push an agenda on normal people.

Jews want to exploit every element of non-Jewish society. Homosexuals on the other hand primarily focus on security access to the anuses of young men, as well as securing special legal privileges. Along with transferring community wealth to themselves generally, they have a great desire to transfer resources to their research into medication that helps prevent their immune systems from collapsing.

Like Jews, they manipulate society into believing they are victims, even as they are in fact obvious predators.

They often work with women to make themselves above the laws that apply to normal men. Special laws that “prevent violence” against them are in fact designed to make it so that any confrontation they get in, they are automatically the victim of. This gives them the ability to walk around like cops provoking people who know that they cannot respond to the provocations without being convicted of a serious crime.

Furthermore, laws that allow them to provoke physical violence also often lead to laws that protect them from criticism.


Italy’s lower house of parliament on Wednesday passed an anti-discrimination bill that makes violence against women and LGBT+ people a hate crime, with those found guilty of such attacks risking longer prison terms.

The bill was approved by 265 votes to 193 in the 630-member chamber and now needs a final green light from the upper house Senate, where it has the support of the ruling coalition parties, before becoming law.

It modifies an existing law punishing offences based on someone’s race or religion with up to four years in jail.

“It is a big step forward against discrimination, hatred and violence,” Alessandro Zan, the openly gay lawmaker who promoted the law, wrote on Twitter.

The change was championed by the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), but faced opposition from right-wing parties and the Italian Roman Catholic Church, which said existing protections were strong enough.

The conservative campaign group Pro Life and Family has said the bill will make LGBT+ people “more equal than others”, while Italian bishops warned last June that the new law could curb dissenting opinions, including that a family requires the union of a man and a woman.

Zan has denied that the bill would impinge on free speech, saying it would only punish those who incite hatred.

Notice the way that they mix “violence” with speech that is defined as “hatred.”

“Hatred” has no definition, by the way. After all of this we’ve experienced in the last twenty years, where “hatred” and allegedly fighting it has become a defining feature of Western society, the term itself remains undefined. In typical usage, the word “hatred” refers to an emotional state, which is obviously subjective and therefore cannot be legally defined. In the context of the law, it remains subjective, but it is the person who is claiming to have been the target of it that is able to determine whether the emotion was felt by their alleged aggressor.

Homosexuals require protection from criticism, because of the crimes they commit. In particularly, they prey on young boys. They want unlimited access to the anuses of your sons, and they do not want you to be able to complain about what they ram into those anuses.