Italy: Lockdown Riots Spread to Rome

Is protesting the lockdown really always “far-right”?

Aren’t some normal people also fed-up with this nonsense, and on the verge of rioting, or already past the verge of rioting?

Daily Mail:

Far right protestors have clashed with police in Rome in what is the second night of demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions in Italy.  

Violence once again erupted as huge crowds of activists descended on the city this evening, with footage showing flares being thrown and fireworks being let off as police armed with riot shields tried to stand their ground. 

The scenes in the capital mirrored those seen in Naples on Friday night, where hundreds of people took to the streets to oppose tougher measures being imposed to curb the spread of the virus.

The Government is now considering further restrictions including early closures of bars and restaurants to contain a resurgence of the pandemic.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said he wants to avoid a repeat of the blanket lockdown earlier in the year. But a number of regions have imposed overnight curfews and the central government is expected to announce more measures soon.

According to a draft decree, public gyms and swimming pools may be closed and bars and restaurants told to shut from 6pm, while people will be encouraged not to travel outside their home districts.

Late on Friday, crowds in the southern city of Naples clashed with police in protest against a night-time curfew in the Campania region.

Earlier in the week, overnight curfews were ordered by local governors in Campania, Lazio around the capital Rome, and Lombardy, the epicentre of the first wave where the financial capital Milan recorded more than 1,000 new cases on Saturday.

The northern region of Piedmont and Sicily in the south will follow next week and other regions are expected to match them.

Vincenzo De Luca, the head of Campania, based in Naples, has set the pace, shutting schools and announcing a nighttime curfew. On Friday, he said even more was needed.

‘Current data on the contagion make any kind of partial measure ineffective. It is necessary to close everything, except for those businesses that produce and transport essential goods,’ De Luca said on Facebook.

‘We need to make one last effort to get things under control. We need to shut everything down for a month, for 40 days,’ he added, without saying when the shutdown would begin.

The governor of Lombardy, which includes Italy’s financial capital Milan, said on Friday his region faced a ‘dramatic situation’ and urged locals to respect a curfew that runs from 11pm to 5am, amongst other measures.

Italy is for sure a place where people are going to get the maddest. They are most sensitive to bullshit.

That said, I don’t think it is possible, even in current year, for any society to just force people to stay in their houses, telling them they can’t work or socialize, and not have the streets be enveloped in riots.

On a long enough timeline, everyone riots.