Italy: Lamborghini Huracan Used to Transport Kidney, Covers 300 Miles in Two Hours

It’s a touching story. Not sure if it actually happened.

The Drive:

Averaging 145 miles per hour, the Italian State Police delivered a donor kidney last week from Rome to Padua—a journey of more than 300 miles—in around two hours. The Lamborghini Huracan they used, which was specially modified for such tasks with a refrigerated frunk, was obtained by the Italian police back in 2017. Speedy organ delivery isn’t its only job, though. In fact, it’s a regular patrol vehicle for the department with lights, a police computer and other equipment necessary to perform traffic stops and arrests. Luckily for other speeders, it was too busy flying down the road for officers to check their radar guns.

The Italian State Police posted a video on Twitter after the delivery was complete. It’s somewhat bizarre to see a Lamborghini Huracan, exhaust popping and V10 screaming, flashing police lights and speeding down the highway, but that’s Italy for you. The police’s tweet also thanked the Ministry of Health, the National Transplant Center and, of course, Lamborghini.

The kidney’s high-speed journey began in Rome, which is nestled in the center of Italy. It was then transported to Gemelli University Hospital in the northern city of Padua, a distance of 303 miles or 489 kilometers. The entire trip allegedly took just over two hours with reports that the Lamborghini averaged 145 mph between the two cities. For reference, Google Maps estimates that this journey would take at least five hours in normal conditions.

It’s unclear why a helicopter or something of the sort wasn’t used, as that would’ve likely been even faster.

Because a helicopter isn’t awesome, maybe?

Ever think of that?

Also, this is some kind of paid promo for Lamborghini? Did you think of that? Not a lot of people buying $900,000 sports cars these days, what with the coronavirus, so they need to get creative with their advertisements.

Kidney delivery viral video – coming right up!

This happened over a week ago, but apparently no one bothers to translate Italian news.

I wish I could drive a car at 145 mph.

Frankly, I have driven a motorcycle at that speed. Actually, I hit 170 on a friend’s Kawasaki Ninja.

Here’s a video that will give you an idea what that feels like.

Basically, you feel like an angel of God sent to destroy a city of sinners.

Of course, I was a much younger man at the time and that is an action that I do not encourage and which no one should ever do.

I’m sure it’s a lot more intense on the bike than it ever could be in a car, of course. But I would still love to drive one of these cars on an open road some day.

Also, I just want to say that I’m against organ transplants.