Italy Joins Trump in Calling For Russia to be Reinstated at Big Boys’ Table

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2018

I get the feeling that the top-tier politicians gossip about each other and have a Mean Girls like attitude to get-togethers like G7.


Italy’s new prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, broke sharply with the EU on Friday at his first international summit, and joined U.S. President Donald Trump’s call for Russia to be reinstated to the exclusive club of industrialized nations.

Trump called for Russia’s reinstatement as he left the White House to travel to the G7 leaders’ meeting in Quebec.

The Western powers and Japan ejected Russia from the G8 in 2014 in response to the Kremlin’s invasion, and subsequent annexation, of Crimea.

Conte posted his support for Trump’s view on Twitter, apparently between meetings with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. It’s unclear if Tusk or Juncker were aware of Conte’s statement before their meetings.

Boy, do I feel for Putin. The odd man out.

Slavs are always the odd ones out…always.

It’s because they’re White…but a bit off. They don’t do the hyper-individualistic bugman thing that well. They’re touchy-feely, but they look like they shouldn’t be allowed to do such a thing. And they’ll start off ice-cold at first before warming up to you. So they basically act Scandinavian at first and then transition to a more Italian style of behavior. This throws people off.

Let me explain.

See, when an Italian gets all worked-up or starts talking macho, most people just kind of accept it the way that they would accept a French guy being into weird stuff sexually and spending his days lazing around. Also, the same way that they accept a British person being a stuck-up pansy. Or a German being a weird blond android. These stereotypes give the people who fit within their confines some slack.

“He’s just an X” – people will say and cut them some slack.

But Slavs are kind of useless in the modern world. You can’t show them off at a party like you would a token minority, because while they’re exotic, they’re too White, so no virtue-signaling points. Furthermore, they could embarrass you. Because they have this habit of getting too informal with people they like.

Like if they like someone at the party, they might drop the casual politeness and start suggesting that they get drunk together and have a RealTalk tete-a-tete for a bit in the staircase, toasting to their health, inviting them to come visit them in their dacha…total faux pas behavior basically.

I cringe thinking about Putin trying hard to fit in with these Westerners – Abe is the token non-White in the scenario – and them all being snooty to him.

Macron’s got the whole, “I’m a suave metrosexual” thing going on – very cool indeed.

Merkel looks like an aggressive bulldyke more and more these days. But that’s cool. Germans are just strange like that. They’ve got this intensity about them in everything they do. Merkel probably read a book on power poses, and just decided to start holding her hands like that. Her advisors probably assured her that this is what normal humans do. Everyone else probably just chuckles at it and lets it slide.

Trudeau kind of goes over the line with his fuckboy routine. But even though he’s probably the butt of most of the jokes, he’s just too damn fashionable to bully too hard.

Look at him grinning in the back there. Is he standing on tip-toe?

Trump’s kind of like the brash Jay Gatsby new money arrival in town and all the established old money types are sort of impressed but also not so secretly hate the guy. He’s probably feeling like the odd man out at this gathering of weirdos and wants Putin to come back so that he can someone to chat with between meetings. Look at the body distance between him and May and Merkel. The entire left side of the photo looks like the cast of Friends.

Comfortable with each other, touchy-feely.

And I’m not going to analyze Theresa May and the others. Junker seems like a fun guy to drink with though. And while drunk, he spilled the beans on the whole contact with aliens thing. Fun guy. Creepy tho.

He likes to get tipsy and slap people around. It’s his only redeeming quality.

Putin’s just too scary for this crowd. In general, Westerners genuinely feel more comfortable around non-Whites than around Slavs. They come off as a bit too intense, and they don’t smile enough. People are kind of scared of them.

But Italians and Slavs get along pretty well.

Clearly, Conte the Italian understands this ancient alliance.

Conte and Trump just want to do their own afterparty, where everyone isn’t all weird, snooty and Mean Girlish, and understand Putin is a key element of such a party plan.

Just look at Conte and Trump walking next to each other, trying to ditch drunk Junker who’s following them around acting weird, try to listen in on their conversation and making them feel uncomfortable. Trump is just like “man, I’d sure prefer we were hanging out with Putin to this asshole” and Conte is just like “lol ikr.”