Italy: Islamic Gang Break Into Home, Beat Up and Rob Three Italian Women

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2020

They even shouted “Allah Akbar” at the end.

Didn’t want the victims to mistake them for Buddhists, I guess.

Vox (Translation):

Tied up, beaten, robbed. A nightmare at dinner time. When an Islamic gang of four thugs came into their home.

Three women lived it: grandmother Palmira Galvan, 89 years old, her daughter Marta Veronese, 60 years old, and carer Tatiana 43 years old.

The three women remained at their mercy for at least forty minutes. The raid between 19 and 19.30, the flight around 20.04, when one of Marta Veronese’s friends arrived, for the usual game of burraco on Thursday evening and who even crossed them without suspecting anything.

The women were eating and the strangers were seen from the front. The caregiver started to scream in terror and was hit twice in the face until her lip was torn and then tied to the chair, closing her mouth with tape. The old woman was also tied up and seated. Marta, however, after being tied to her wrists, was forced to make way for the criminals to take them upstairs, to the safe.

Marta was also beaten in the face.

And once the money and precious items were stolen, here’s the unexpected: the sixty-year-old’s cell phone began to ring. She was one of the friends waiting for the game of burraco who tried to contact her to get opened, since she did not answer the intercom. And at the same time the cordless phone started ringing: it was his brother Marino who called the woman, worried because she hadn’t made herself heard. It is at that point that the bandits, after taking the two phones, who decided to always leave from the back heading towards Jesolo Paese. But before going out they turned to the women shouting “Allah Akbar” as if they were Islamic terrorists.