Italy: Invaders to be Quarantined on Boats and Then Sent to Other Parts of Europe

Sorry Whitey, but the Holocough doesn’t mean you’re not still getting millions of rapefugees from the brutal Syrian civil war in Libya.

Voice of Europe:

Some 180 migrants rescued at sea will be held in isolation on an Italian ferry off the coast of Sicily, the coast guard said Sunday.

Italy has refused to take in saved migrants due to the coronavirus epidemic, saying the outbreak, which has killed over 23,000 people, meant it could no longer be considered a port of safety.

Thirty-four people pulled to safety by Spanish NGO rescue vessel Aita Mari were being transferred Sunday to the Rubattino ferry, which is anchored outside the port of Palermo and staffed by 22 Red Cross volunteers.

They join 146 migrants who were transferred to the ferry on Friday from the The Alan Kurdi rescue vessel, run by the German NGO Sea Eye.

A reminder that all of these “people” are literally fished off the coastline of Libya, hundreds of kilometers away from Italy.

They’re also within swimming distance of Tunisia, a country where the brutal Syrian civil war is so like, brutal and stuff, that millions of people go there every year as tourists.

No refugees ever go there for some reason.

They will be tested for the virus and redistributed among EU countries once the 14-day isolation period is up, according to Italian media reports.

The 180-metre long Tirrenia ferry can carry 1,471 passengers, and has 289 cabins, a medical center, restaurant, bars, and a children’s play area.

Gotta keep that Kalergi plan rolling at all costs.

Bringing them here would be insane even in normal circumstances, but how are they gonna justify it now, when we have a totally collapse economy and they’re telling us we’re all going to die from the flu so we can’t ever leave our houses?

Whose pensions are they supposed to be paying when you made half the population unemployed because of the flu?

And until Salvini gets elected, which might not happen soon since they’re probably gonna postpone the elections over the flu, absolutely nobody else in Europe is even gonna pretend to try and stop them from bringing these invaders in.

And for all of this, I blame first and foremost the Krauts, who didn’t do the Hollowcost for real when they were supposed to.

When is Qatar gonna start taking in rapefugees?