Italy: Immigrant Attacks Man in Wheelchair Over Parking Space

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2020

I’m siding with the immigrant here.

PTSD from the Syrian war (also the Crusades) is obviously way worse than being in a wheelchair.

Vox (Translation):

A 42-year-old disabled person residing in Pineto, Abruzzo, was attacked by an immigrant. He and his wife had gone to the supermarket to do their shopping and, in the space in front of the shop, the man, forced to move in a wheelchair, found the place reserved for the disabled occupied by the immigrant’s vehicle.

When the disabled person asked the owner to move him to park his car, the 59-year-old immigrant, already known to law enforcement officers, removed the anti-theft chain from his bicycle and with this he took action against the disabled person and his wife.

The couple’s screams drew the attention of passersby who immediately called the police. The military, who arrived on site in a few minutes, blocked the attacker and called for help: the man in a wheelchair was hospitalized in Atri’s emergency room for several injuries.

The disabled man’s wife is in a state of shock and she too has had to resort to health care. Once immobilized, the Slovak was searched. In his backpack was found a switchblade knife and two ATM cards stolen last June from two ladies from Tolentino, in the Marche. The foreigner was arrested for aggravated personal injury, private violence, threat, receiving stolen property and abusive knife carrying.