Italy: Idiot Attacks Oil Painting Made by Hitler with a Screwdriver

Daily Stormer
October 8, 2017

Not the best painting in the world, but much better than anything 99% of people who ever went to art school can do

I have no idea what that painting’s supposed to represent, and probably nobody does. What we do know for sure is that it’s evil, and if someone doesn’t stick something pointy in it fast, it might cause another six million Jews to die fake deaths in fake gas chambers.

The Sun:

AN oil painting by Adolf Hitler has been attacked in a museum by a screwdriver-wielding man.

The enraged art viewer yelled “b*****d” as he tried to destroy the artwork by the fuhrer.

Sounds like a real freedom fighter to me.

I wonder if he was a Jew, the only time they show any warrior prowess is against targets that can’t fight back.

 The Hitler artwork was hanging in the Museo di Salo, a museum in the lakeside resort of Salo on Lake Garda in Italy, as part of a travelling exhibition.

According to a museum spokesman, the perpetrator was around 40-years-old and came intending to slash the painting.

Security guards managed to prevent the man from destroying the painting, although the perpetrator managed to escape the museum premises.

The picture suffered only small bits of chipping of the colours. The owner, a private collector in Germany, decided after examining the damage not to file criminal charges.

Guy couldn’t even stab a painting properly. That’s the kind of loser that doesn’t like Hitler.

 The painting, measuring 12 by 16 inches, has no official name and features a seemingly endless dark space with gloomy colours.

In the foreground, a man sits behind a table next to a standing figure.

The signature “Adolf Hitler” sits in the bottom-right corner.

It is the first time that the work of Hitler has been publicly shown in an exhibition.

The genocidal maniac tried unsuccessfully to become a painter at the Vienna Art academy before rising becoming of Fuhrer of Nazi-Germany.

They just had to say that… Also, the Sun needs to hire someone to fix their typos.

The exhibition is about art and madness.

According to a museum spokesman, the reason why the painting was not better protected is because of its “poor artistic value” compared to works by Francisco de Goya and Francis Bacon, which are also part of the exhibition of about 200 items.

Now, I understand that Hitler was not Goya in terms of actual artistic importance, but he was legitimately one of the most important people that ever lived in the history of the world, and this doesn’t change even if you accept the (((official))) narrative about him and WWII. And you know there’s a bunch of idiots like this one who get hysterical about him to boot. So security should’ve been tighter at his work, since it was more likely to have something like this happen.

Exhibition curator Vittorio Sgarbi said that works like Hitler’s have to be seen with “contempt and distance” but “without reproducing the censorship and hatred expressed by the dictatorships.”

You mean like how the Allies destroyed 90% or Arno Breker’s works after they won the war for the Jews? That kind of thing?

Arno Breker: Good artist.

Still, I’m surprised such exhibits happen at all, with or without Hitler’s paintings. In a world where making art and littering are becoming synonyms, you’d think they’d try to hide the old stuff away so no one notices what filth we’re all living in now…