Italy: Homeless Somali Has Sexual Emergency, Rapes Old Woman on Beach

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018


Sexual emergencies are no laughing matter.

When a Somali is struck by one, he temporarily transforms into a lawless savage that’s willing to rape anything.

In other words, the exact opposite of what he really is.

Sputnik News:

A 20-year-old Somalian attacked a 68-year-old woman at a beach in the central Italian region of Abruzzo, where she was sunbathing. According to the local outlet Repubblica, he pushed her so she hit her head against the pebbles, and forced her to have sex. She managed to escape the attacker, jumping into the sea, before the police arrived.

Law enforcement was called by local merchants, as before heading to the beach, the young man stripped naked in a nearby street and started publicly masturbating.

The pensioner was taken to hospital with a head injury and skin abrasions.

The suspected attacker has been arrested. According to the outlet, he is a twenty-year-old homeless Somali who lives in Italy and has protected refugee status. He reportedly received it a month ago, almost a year after he arrived at the Italian island of Sicily, which one of the gateways for migrants heading to Europe from Africa across the Mediterranean.