Italy: Homeless Moroccan in Jail for Attempted Rape of Female Cyclist

What didn’t she just cycle away the moment the vibrant started becoming creepy?

Il Giornale (Translation):

According to reports from the local press, a serious episode occurred during the evening of Thursday 9 April. It is around 19:00 when the victim, a 30-year-old woman who was cycling on a cycle path, is approached by a Maghrebi who had already alerted her previously because of her strange attitude and the fact that he was following her insistently. A fear so strong that she had contacted her partner by phone to report the situation of deep unease and concern aroused by the presence of the North African. And the latter, in fact, went into action, approaching the 30-year-old and making her explicit and vulgar indecent proposals, despite the fact that the victim, terrified, tried in every way to reject him and make him move away.

The North African maniac did not, however, give up: on the contrary, he attacked the woman, pushed her hard on the ground, making her fall from the two-wheeled vehicle and jumping on her. After dropping his pants, he tried to do the same with his prey, also trying to kiss her. But here came the victim’s reaction, a reaction totally unexpected by the African predator. First the bite of the tongue, which caused pain in the Moroccan, then the arrival of the 30-year-old’s partner, a combination that put the maniac on the run, running with legs up towards the town.

The carabinieri of the command station of Guidizzolo (Mantua) rushed to the place, who quickly reached the couple because they were already involved in an operation of patrolling the territory to verify compliance with anti-Coronavirus rules. Collecting the testimony and description of the person in charge, the military quickly tracked him down and captured him. This is the Moroccan ZT, a 26-year-old homeless man, now accused of the crime of sexual violence and immediately locked up behind the bars of the Mantuan prison in Via Poma, where he awaits the celebration of the very direct judgment.