Italy: Governor Attacks Halloween as “Stupid Americanism” as He Embraces the Stupidest Ever Americanism

Well screw you too, asshole!

Spaghetti sucks!

Get your Italianisms out of my country!

The Independent:

An Italian governor has promised to impose a regional curfew on 31 October to slow the spread of coronavirus, branding Halloween a “huge stupid Americanism”.

Vicenzo De Luca, centre-left leader of the Campania region, which includes Naples, said the shutdown would begin at 10pm that night, amid a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases there this month.

“Halloween is this huge piece of nonsense, this huge stupid Americanism that has also been imported into our country,” Mr De Luca said in a Friday briefing broadcast on Facebook.

“There we go. Halloween is a moment of idiocy.

“Seeing as we must deal with reality, and seeing as I’m hearing about people already preparing to have parties, from 10pm on the last October weekend, everything will be shut.

“There will be a curfew. Moving around won’t even be allowed.”

Frankly, I don’t even blame countries for being against American cultural imperialism. I mean, it’s their own fault, actually. But whatever. I’m not really offended.

But in the context of protecting from the deadly coronavirus, it becomes idiotic – because this entire coronavirus hysteria is itself the worst ever form of American cultural imperialism.

It was America who pumped up all of that fake garbage from Imperial College London, and it is the American media who has spread all of this endless fake news and fake data about the virus.

So he’s basically saying: “This fun little American tradition of dressing up in costumes for parties has to go so we can embrace this huge and bizarre American lunacy of pumping up endless fear about a mild flu virus!”

“Huge stupid Americanism”
“Mama mia! This isa seriousa problema!”

Again, it’s surprising that Italians aren’t really pushing back against this. They’re the ones I would have expected would do so.

But here we are.

American Halloween is canceled in favor of American virus hysteria.