Italy: Facebook Bans “Fake News” Pages Ahead of Election – By Pure Coincidence, All of Them are Right-Wing

Daily Stormer
May 14, 2019

People who tell you without blinking that a man becomes a woman if he cuts his dick off and puts on a dress are deciding what is or isn’t “fake news.”

Think about that for a second.

The Local:

Facebook has shut down multiple Italian pages spreading misinformation, hate speech and political propaganda in the run-up to the European elections.

“We have removed a series of false and duplicate accounts that violated our authenticity policy, as well as several pages that changed their names,” Facebook Italy said in a statement on Sunday.

“We also took action against some pages that repeatedly spread incorrect information,” the social network said.

And who exactly decided that?

The move came in response to a complaint by Avaaz, an international network of social activists, which said it reported multiple accounts to Facebook at the beginning of May for suspected breaches of the platform’s rules on transparency, spam and incitement of hatred.

The most important co-founder of this group, as well as its CEO, is a creature called Ricken Patel.

Yeah, I thought that was a streetshitter too, until I went to the thing’s Wikipedia page and saw something that completely and utterly shocked me:

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

And the list of the rest of the co-founders has a lot of Jewy names and Jewy faces, although most either don’t have a lot of information about them, or appear to be cryptos.

I’m sure you’re all as shocked as I was.

A total of 23 pages with 2.46 million followers combined were shut down last weekend, according to Avaaz, which said that more than half of the accounts supported either of Italy’s two ruling populist parties, the League or the Five Star Movement.

They included a pro-Five Star page that attributed false statements to the writer Roberto Saviano, a prominent critic of the coalition government, as well a pro-League one that shared a video purporting to show violence by migrants that was in reality a clip from a film.

Yeah, funny how all the “fake news” is concentrated on people who believe things Jews don’t like.

A strict coincidence, I’m sure, just like the fact that Roberto Saviano is a Jew.

Italy has around 45k Jews infesting it, and somehow all of them are “journalists” or “politicians” or “businessmen,” and all of them promote the exact same (((ideas))).

These are all just coincidences, of course.

As well as spreading misleading content on migration, vaccinations and similarly charged issues, other abusive practices documented by Avaaz included creating a page on a non-political topic, then converting it to a political one without warning once it had built up a large number of followers, as well using what appeared to be general “lifestyle” pages to spread links from misinformation websites linked to the far right.

As well as the 23 pages taken down, Avaaz said it had identified another 80 Italian pages with some 16 million followers that it suspects of violating Facebook’s policies. They are part of coordinated networks seeking to sow “hatred and divisions” ahead of Europe’s parliamentary elections at the end of May, the campaign group alleges.

Okay, listen up all of you Italians reading this.

Your country now has the chance to do something important, the first important thing your country has done since whenever it was you invented pizza.

Listen up

In what are called today “democracies,” politicians depend almost entirely on media control to get elected and reelected, because most people are dumb cattle who just vote for whoever has the shiniest ads and best marketing strategies.

Salvini & Co. do not have this.

They have a primarily hostile media, both at a national and international level, so their popularity depends almost entirely on whether or not they actually do things that people want done, which they’ve mostly done so far.

The two parties who make up the Italian government are also made up of mostly old(er) people who don’t understand how the internet works. They probably think of it as some kind of parallel magical world that they don’t have much control over, and that people who own websites and blogs are wizards or alchemists that they shouldn’t annoy, lest they turn them into frogs.

What you need to do is make Lega Nord and the Five Star Movement do what Trump should’ve done in the US, which is to pass legislation that forces these social media platforms to be truly politically neutral.

Start petitions, write letters to these politicians, do protests, etc.

You don’t have to do it as neon-Nazis, just as free speech supporters, and mobilize normies to get in on it.

If you manage to make a visible portion of the Italian population care about this, then these politicians will push it through – they’ll feel they have no choice, for the reasons that I mentioned above.

And Italy is a big enough and rich enough country that this will not only create direct problems for the Jews running these companies, but also help bolster similar movements everywhere around the world.