Italy: Ending the Lockdown Will Require Use of Smartphone App, Social Distancing Will Remain

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2020

It seems that ending the lockdown will require people to use a smartphone app to track who they come into contact with and that social distancing practices will have to continue until a vaccine is ready.

Daily Mail:

Italy has announced plans for ending its lockdown after the coronavirus-ravaged country today recorded its lowest daily death toll for more than two weeks.

Earlier on Sunday Health Minister Roberto Speranza outlined plans for broader testing and boosted health services as part of a package of measures intended to ease Italy’s lockdown, imposed since March 9.

The government is also grappling with the economic devastation caused by the sudden halt to business across the country.

Speranza said he had issued a note outlining five principles around which Rome planned to manage the so-called ‘phase two’ of the emergency, when lockdown restrictions will start to be lifted but before a full return to normal conditions.

He said social distancing would have to remain, with wider use of individual protection devices such as face masks, while local health systems would be strengthened, to allow a faster and more efficient treatment of suspected COVID-19 cases.

Testing and ‘contact tracing’ would be extended, including with the use of smartphone apps and other forms of digital technology while a network of hospitals dedicated solely to treating COVID-19 patients would be set up.

Until a vaccine is distributed, we cannot rule out a new wave of the virus,’ Speranza told La Repubblica.

By “other forms of digital technology” they probably mean they’re going to go full mass surveillance.

They’re going to track people using all kinds of technology.

The government will know at all times who is interacting with whom and how often people see each other. Since they’re likely to be listening for coughs and sneezes, they’ll also listen to conversations.

People will be forced to go along with it in order to be able to work.

Even if a coronavirus vaccine is made mandatory, the smartphone tracking and mass surveillance measures will remain. They’ll say that new viruses could appear at any time, so even if a vaccine exists for corona, they still have to continue to track everyone just in case a new one starts infecting people.

It is going to be a total nightmare.