Italy Cracking Down on Fake Vax Passes

You almost wondered if a country like Italy wasn’t letting the fake passes slide in order to prevent a revolt.

Guess not.


Italian State Police, on behalf of the Naples Prosecutor’s Office, have conducted 40 searches and made 67 seizures of fake coronavirus health passes, identifying at least 120 buyers of the forgeries.

The passes, which were sold online for as little as 120-200 euros (£102-170/$135-225), were created after criminals were able to exploit weaknesses in the country’s health pass system, known in Italy as the Green Pass.

According to a report from the newspaper Il Giornale, the passes were created with codes available to pharmacies to generate new Green Passes. The codes had been stolen using an email phishing tactic in which criminals sent emails linking to a clone of an institutional website.

If there is a revolt, they can send in the blue helmets.

I’ve read that along with faking virus passes, Italy is also experiencing an unchecked wave of people who hate the Antichrist and are refusing to drink their corn syrup.