Italy: Couple Attacked in Rome by Malaysian for Kissing Too Close to a Mosque

Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017


When in Rome, do as Allah dictates, you filthy goyim.


A couple was allegedly physically assaulted by a Malaysian national for kissing and walking hand-in-hand near a former Islamic centre in Rome’s Esquilino quarter.

The man and woman were walking past the Islamic centre on Via San Vito, which had closed in February, holding hands and exchanging kisses when the 24-year-old Malaysian launched first a verbal, then a physical, attack, reports La Repubblica.

“You can not kiss in front of the mosque!” he shouted at the couple before pushing over the young woman and then launching an assault on her 27-year-old boyfriend, kicking and punching him.

Doesn’t sound like this cuck did much to defend himself. I would’ve just stabbed the fucking subhuman the moment he came at me.

A Carabiniere, a member of the Italian paramilitary police, arrived at the scene and was also attacked and slightly injured by the Malaysian.

The attacker was arrested for assault and for resisting arrest.

I guess the Carabinieri aren’t what they used to be either… Why didn’t he just shoot him? I’m sure it’s perfectly legal in Italy to shoot someone who’s actually attacking you.

Italian media reports that further investigations are underway to clarify whether the aggressor belongs to radicalised elements.

They’re all “radicalized,” you idiots. They have a “religion” that explicitly tells them to kill, enslave or convert anyone who doesn’t belong or submit to it.

It’s a literal license to kill/rape/steal/anything. And it isn’t a secret. You can go buy an English Koran on Amazon and read this shit. And it isn’t couched in parables or something. It is straightforward.

The illegal mosque, the Hil Ful Fuzul Bengali Association, had been closed due to health and safety irregularities and after it was found that a nursery was operating in the building. Agents found a dozen children aged between four and 11 months old being looked after by pre-school workers in the cellar.

Was it a nursery or a rape camp? This being moslems, the latter is more likely.

Across Europe, ‘shariah police’ operate in Muslim-majority neighbourhoods to enforce Islamic morality on Muslims and non-Muslims.

In 2013, three members of a self-styled “Muslim patrol” who harassed passers-by for holding hands, drinking alcohol, and wearing short skirts, were jailed for trying to enforce shariah law in East London.


Just tip of the iceberg.

But that iceberg will be melted very soon.

But as much as we hate ragheads and should wipe them off the face of the earth, it’s important to never forget that they wouldn’t be here if not for the kikes.

After we solve the Jewish problem in a permanent manner, everything else will be much easier.