Italy: Country’s First Sex Doll Brothel Shut Down Just 9 Days After Opening

Daily Stormer
September 16,2018

Every feminist’s worst nightmare

I sure have been writing a lot about sex doll brothels lately.

I wonder if there’s some kiked university somewhere where I could get a PhD in this.

Then I could freak out every time someone doesn’t call me “doctor.”

The Local:

The establishment, which offers clients the use of silicone models inside one of eight private rooms at a secret address in the north-western city, was found to fall foul of Italian laws on renting out accommodation.

This doesn’t sound to me like the kind of law that gets enforced very often.

More likely, some conservative bureaucrat somewhere saw this and was like“What’s this creepy shit LOL! Send in the cops!”

 Officers from the city’s health authority are also investigating whether the dolls are adequately cleaned after each use, Ansa reports.

Now that’s just mean…

I’m sure the 80ish IQ slob they’re paying minimum wage to clean other guys’ jizz from sex dolls all day long is very thorough and dedicated to his job.

He probably wakes up every morning hoping that one day he’ll be acknowledged by everybody and become Hokage of Hidden Jizz village.

The owners have been cautioned not to continue operating, the news agency said, though it’s not clear if they might be allowed to reopen if they bring the establishment in line with regulations.

I hope they do, or else I’m gonna have a hard time writing my thesis.

The Turin establishment is a franchise of Lumidolls, a Spain-based company with similar brothels in Barcelona and Moscow.

Sex doll companies are probably gonna be the next tech boom.

Since we’re all in a free fall towards ultimate degeneracy – no, we’re not there yet, really – might as well make some money out of it.

It is the first such service in Italy, where brothels staffed by human prostitutes are illegal. It opened on September 3rd, with managers boasting that its eight sex dolls – seven female and one male – were already “booked out for weeks”.

Yeah, that’s the thing with feminism – the more of it you have, the more men are willing to stick their dicks in chunks of plastic that a hundred other men fucked before.

I don’t really feel the urge to be too harsh on guys who use these – it’s not like it’s more degenerate than most women these days…

… but for fuck’s sake, at least save up money and buy your own if you’re going with this.


Even on the off-chance they’re actually cleaning them properly – it’s still icky.