Italy: Cops Go Totally Apeshit on Lockdown Protesters

Imagine cops acting like this in any other context in current year.

Don’t even imagine if it was blacks. Just imagine if it was global warming hoaxsters.

I haven’t seen brutal 00s style police brutality anywhere in the last few years, except against the yellow vests.


Police in Italy’s capital unleashed an arsenal of riot control weapons on crowds protesting a new round of coronavirus lockdown measures, blasting demonstrators with water cannons, tear gas and flash bang grenades.

A protest rally near Rome’s historic Piazza del Popolo square descended into violence on Tuesday night as several hundred demonstrators took to the streets to demand an end to new Covid-19 policies imposed over the weekend, which include a 6pm curfew for bars and restaurants and shutdown orders for public facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and movie theaters.

Footage obtained by RT’s video agency Ruptly showed police clad in heavy riot gear firing water cannons and other crowd munitions on activists, including deafening concussion grenades.

In other videos making the rounds on social media, protesters were seen returning fire with rocks, bottles and other makeshift projectiles as they braved water cannons and tear gas.

As with similar demonstrations that erupted across Italy on Monday, activists chanted “Liberta!” (“Freedom!”) as they called on the government to repeal the new lockdown, imposed amid a spike in coronavirus infections some health experts have deemed a “second wave” following a peak in the country’s outbreak last spring.

This is going to spread.

All of Italy is in full revolt; they have virtually no one supporting the hoax at all.

The rest of the world is watching, and if they win, if the government backs off of the measures, other populations will immediately start demanding their own governments do the same.

Here’s the way this works:

  • People believe the virus, mostly (because why wouldn’t they?)
  • The government pushes them
  • The government pushes them harder
  • The government pushes them yet harder again
  • They hate being locked up and having their freedoms taken away
  • They feel something must be wrong with something that feels this wrong
  • They become more open to other ideas
  • They go on the internet and find the facts, the real statistics, the real science
  • Eventually, they find out about Sweden

When they find out about Sweden, they just totally snap

What happens in Italy could well cause a chain reaction.

I don’t know that it will but it might, and it’s clear that the powers that be are aware that it might, hence the amount of brutality the cops are using.