Italy: Cop Asks Ivorian Immigrant for Identification, Gets His Leg Broken

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2020

What did he expect?

Of course these Ivorians are going to be on edge, what with the Crusades still fresh in their minds.

Vox (Translation):

Around 1.20 pm today, in Milan, the agents approached the African to identify him. He, in response, threw himself against them with very violent kicks and punches. So much so that one of the men in uniform, a 31 year old, ended up on the ground during the scuffle, reporting the fracture of the fibula.

After the arrival of reinforcements, the immigrant was blocked and arrested. He is a 21 year old Ivorian in Italy with a regular residence permit and who is already known to law enforcement agencies for crimes against property and resistance.

He will be accused of injury and resistance to a public official.