Italy: Coalburning Model Jessica Notaro Gets a Face Full of Acid! May be Blind! Stupid Bitch!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2017

As they say, “burn the coal, pay the toll.”


The poor, stupid bitch.


Yet another act of violence against a woman, again with acid to disfigure the victim. Jessica Notaro, of Rimini, 28-years-old, is hospitalized in serious condition at Cesena Bufalini and risks losing her eyesight. The woman, a former Miss Italy finalist, was assaulted by former boyfriend, Jorge Edson Tavares, a native of Cape Verde, tracked down by the police. In August, the man had made the author of other ill-treatment and its cargo had been opened a dossier which resulted in a measure of warning of the superintendent. The man was the questioning at this time.

A life dedicated to animals and everything to do with the sphere of entertainment: singing, dancing, parades, television conduction of local and national broadcasters. Of these passions Jessica Notaro made her profession. The young woman works in fact the Dolphinarium of Rimini as a trainer and speaker.

Well, she won’t be doing that anymore!

In fact, with her face burned off with acid, I doubt she’ll be doing much of anything anymore!

In 2007, Jessica was proclaimed Miss Romagna and had won the final in the contest Miss Italy. After this experience, her career in show business took off: the 28-year-old has taken part in RAI and Mediaset programs as a singer, dancer and presenter.

She did a music video with the nigger!



The jig is up!

This time the frog dissects you!

If she keeps her eyesight, we need to find her info and spam her with images from the YouTube clip.

After she recovers, of course.

No, just joking. We’ll do it as soon as she gets back online.

Presumably now that her entire face is destroyed forever, she’ll be wanting online to hear well-wishers and get other attention.

And that is when we shall strike.

If she remains blind, we’ll find a phone number for her.

Look, guys – I’m going hardcore. I have of course always been hardcore. But we’re going triple slamcore.

All of our enemies are going all out against us. This is desperation. We are crushing them.

We have our boot on their throats and it’s time to put our full bodyweight into it.

Sluts are a huge problem. They are the main tool of the Jews. We must be brutal and relentless.

We must man up and disregard sympathy and show white women that if they are with us, we will care for and protect them. But if they are against us, we will mock their burned acid faces, and feel nothing.