Italy: Climate Change Conspiracy Theorists Block Motorway to Save the World

None of these people glued their heads to the concrete like that Science-believer from Britain did, so I can’t help but question their devotion to defeating cow farts.

The Guardian:

Italian activists have blocked a major road in Rome as part of a series of protests aimed at urging the government to take action to tackle the climate crisis.

The activists, from the group Last Generation, which is supported by Extinction Rebellion, claim they were slapped, kicked and spat at by angry drivers after they assembled along the Maglianella viaduct on the A90 motorway.

It was the eighth time that the environment campaigners have blocked a road in Rome in the past 10 days, with eight activists arrested on Wednesday.

Peter, who was among seven people protesting on Friday morning, said: “I expose myself to danger and uncertainty because I am aware of the danger we are running to humanity.”

It is the first time Italian climate activists have used the road-blocking method to raise awareness, and comes as a civil court case, brought by 203 plaintiffs who are suing the government for failing to address the climate crisis, gets under way in Rome.

The main objective of the Last Generation activists is to force the government to establish a citizens’ assembly as a way to urge politicians to take swift action to address climate issues.

“The assembly is supposed to be created by the government by the end of 2022 and the decisions taken by it will have to become law, so it’s not just about giving the government advice,” said Beatrice Costantino, a spokesperson for Last Generation.

“We’re a small group of people but we’ll repeat this action until our request is accepted. We are also asking for a meeting with [prime minister] Mario Draghi and other ministers. The point of the meeting is to ask them why the government is leaving Italian citizens without any strategy to face the climate crisis.”

A further roadblock is planned on Saturday.

“The point of taking disruptive action is to make people agree with the cause. Some drivers have shown their support,” Costantino said. “We are not looking to be loved by people, but to talk about the problems.”

I still don’t get how annoying thousands of people is supposed to help your cause.

I mean, not annoying people makes them more likely to agree with you, no?

But maybe I’m just not up to date with The Science on this.

Maybe it works somehow.

This is what believing in the Science looks like