Italy: Catholic Bishop Bans Unvaxed Priests from Giving Communion

Just to be clear: this is not the police of the entire church, this is one Bishop.

But this lunacy is being fueled by the fake Pope, who has endorsed these deadly vaccines, and said that it doesn’t matter that they’re made from aborted babies.

The Pope is satanic. But that is just par for the course these days.

Life Site News:

Bishop Giacomo Cirulli of the Italian Diocese of Teano-Calvi issued a decree banning unvaccinated priests, deacons, and lay Eucharistic ministers from distributing Holy Communion at Mass.

Bishop Cirulli released the statement to the public via the diocesan website in Italian.

“I invite you, henceforth, to respect and ensure the rigorous respect of the prophylactic and hygienic measures for the containment of the pandemic in our Churches … according to what is envisioned by Protocol between the Italian Government and the Italian Bishops Conference … ”

He added that he wanted particular attention paid to distancing between parishioners while at Mass.

Rumors say he also stopped molesting 12-year-olds if they aren’t vaxed

“I prohibit the distribution of the Eucharist on behalf of Priests, Deacons, religious and laymen who are not vaccinated,” he wrote.

And that “during the Celebration [Mass] the hosts on the altar are to be rigorously kept under cover in the sacred vessels.”

In addition to the suspension of distributing Holy Communion by those who had not taken the abortion-tainted jab, all “pastoral, catechetical and in-person formative activities” are suspended from January 9 until further notice.

He ended the decree by citing Pope Francis, who last year called being vaccinated with the experimental and abortion-tainted shot an “act of love.” “Love for yourself, love for friends and family, love for all people.”

Pope Francis has doubled down on his push to have Catholics jabbed with the abortion-tainted substance, calling health care and vaccination “a moral obligation” in his annual address to the diplomatic corps.

The fact that the leader of the Church is now this deranged lunatic tells you that we are now verging on some kind of very serious crisis of reality.

You don’t even need to be Catholic to be more Catholic than this pope