Italy: Catalan Fifth-Columnists Angry Their Boat was Confiscated by Italian Authorities

Daily Stormer
April 3, 2018

I hate football now

In the less than 3 years that Proactiva Open Arms has existed, it received 3 ships as donations – including a luxury yacht – got dozens of endorsements from all sorts of traitorous politicians and celebrities like the one above, acted with impunity in the waters of at least 4 countries and received a ton of awards for the heroic act of flooding their own land with third-world savages.

Sounds like a (((grassroots))) movement to me.

Well, looks like there’s at least one prosecutor in Italy – in Sicily, of all places – who actually wants to do his job, and charged the cretins who run this operation with “criminal conspiracy to promote illegal immigration” and also took away one of their boats.

The Local:

The Spanish group whose migrant rescue boat has been impounded by the Italian authorities hit out Thursday at what it called a deliberate campaign to ensure there were no independent witnesses to how refugees are treated while trying to flee from Libya to Italy.

“Proactiva Open Arms is the new target of a clear institutional, political and media campaign that wants to keep away witnesses who could denounce human rights violations in the Mediterranean,” founder Oscar Camps told a news conference.

The boats are not being sunk on sight, that’s really all you need to know about that.

The Proactiva Open Arms group, which has saved more than 5,000 migrants since the start of 2017, had its boat impounded at the port of Pozzallo in Sicily, where it arrived on Saturday with more than 200 people rescued off the coast of Libya.

This single organization has brought in more than 5000 invaders all by itself, in a little over a year.

And there are hundreds more of these organizations, many much bigger than this one.

The non-governmental group had refused to hand the migrants over to the Libyan coastguard, despite warnings from Rome and what the NGO claimed were death threats from the Libyans.

They don’t need any laws when they have kike rats on their side.

“I know most people don’t want to do what I tell them to do, but if they don’t it’s undemocratic”

The prosecutor’s office in Catania in eastern Sicily has opened an investigation into the NGO and three of its leaders for criminal conspiracy to promote illegal immigration.

Nevertheless, Camps argued that returning the migrants to Libya, where the situation is chaotic and human rights violations are common, “would mean sending them back to the hell they have fled.”

They’re not “fleeing hell”, hell is what happens wherever they go.

These poor babies…

The NGO’s legal adviser, Jaime Rodrigo, an expert in marine law, said the legal justification for impounding the boat was “non-existent”.

“It is possible that the boat will be held for a very long time, because the seizure can last as long as the procedure, and we know how long the procedures are,” he said.



The boat is currently the NGO’s only craft in operation and its seizure means Proactiva Open Arms, which is facing financial difficulties, cannot carry out any more rescue operations.


There’s hundreds more of these filthy kike organizations around that do the exact same thing, why aren’t their boats seized too?

“We are flies and they’re using cannons to fire at us,” Camps said, calling for private donations and support from institutions.

I wish that weren’t a metaphor…