Italy: Brown Sludge Flood Rising Again

Daily Stormer
February 5, 2018

If every single city and town and village in Europe doesn’t look like this within the next 10 years or so, Sweden might not make it

The invasion had receded a little, at least through this route, because the Italian government talked with some of the sandniggers over in Lybia and made agreement – that they stop as many niggers coming to Europe as possible in exchange for pizza and Cicciolina DVDs.

The deal worked until the sandniggers started shooting each other again for no particular reason… Or maybe there is a (((reason))) that I’m not aware of, who knows?


Since last summer the number of migrants crossing from Libya greatly declined, but new figures show that the number is rising once again as Libya becomes increasingly unstable.

If Arabs really have to shoot someone, why can’t they just shoot the blacks?

They are invading their country before they invade ours, after all.

I hear they can run pretty fast, so they should make good target practice.

According to newly released statistics, 3,580 migrants made the voyage from Libya to Italy in the first three weeks of January, with 850 being picked up by naval authorities in one weekend alone, German broadcaster NTV reports.

And remember – these are the official numbers, not including the ones that got through without being counted.

The number of migrants is higher than the same time period last year fueling speculation that it could rise even further.




According to an Italian journalist who spoke to the German broadcaster, the situation in Libya has changed as a rogue general named Khalifa Haftar is vying for power with UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj.

That stops being your problem the second you start SINKING THE SHIPS!!!

Last year, it was claimed that Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti had met with local leaders, including the notorious warlord and former people smuggler “al Ammu”, or “the uncle”, to pay them to stop the flow of migrants.

That’s doing something, I guess…

But the best thing to do is SINK THE SHIPS!

An unnamed Italian journalist alleged that internal conflicts have stripped the power from many of those who made the deal with the Italian minister to stop the migrant boats leaving.

“Many of the militia leaders Minniti negotiated with have now been pushed away by others, many of whom do not even know the name of the leader,” the Italian said.

The race that built and invented almost the entirety of human civilization can’t do better than bribing some sand monkeys to stop some jungle monkeys.

That’s where we are right now.

Think about that for a while, then remember we’re here because of the kikes.

People trafficking accounts for nearly 40 per cent of the Libyan economy and slave markets have also made a comeback, according to recent reports.

Slave markets never left, you idiots.

Every black and brown country on the face of the planet has slavery on an industrial scale, and will always have them, because they’re stupid too implement technologies that make slavery obsolete.

Next month, Italians will go to the voting booth to vote for a new national government, and populist Lega leader Matteo Salvini has been the most outspoken critic of mass migration.

Earlier this month, Salvini said that he would deport 500,000 illegal migrants, claimed that the rise of Islam endangered the Italian people, and said he would secure the country’s northern and southern borders.

Yeah, sure… That’s what they all say.

If you compare what politicians say in elections with what they say afterwards, you quickly understand why the people who invented democracy let only a small part of the population vote.

And that part was White men of fighting age who owned property.

They decided how the wealth was spent because they were the ones creating it.

They were the ones deciding what buildings were built because they were the ones building them.

They were the ones who decided when the city-State went to war because the ones fighting the thing.

And if we had democracy in the real sense of the word, you know what those men whom nature imbued with the ability to decide the course for their entire kind would do?