Italy: Black Immigrant Attacks Italian Man While He was Sitting in His Car

More relaxing around blacks, I see.

True, the Italian didn’t even know the black was there, but that’s the thing.

You always need to assume that a random black is going to come out of the shadows and attack you at any moment.

It’s one of the many benefits of living in a diverse, multiracial society.

La Voce del Trentino:

A broken window and the evening ended at the emergency room in Trento.

This is the balance of an attack that took place on Saturday at 9.00 pm in via Ghiaie which saw the driver of a car whose protagonist seems to have been the only one who stopped in a parking space for a few seconds to reply to a message arrived on his cell phone.

The episode occurred is nothing short of disturbing and shows how security in Trento is now an outdated option.

“I had stopped with the car to reply to a message that arrived on my mobile phone – says the unfortunate – when suddenly I saw a shadow approaching my car. I did not even have time to turn around that I felt a bang and all the fragments of my window getting on me.”

The attacker, recognized as a black-skinned man around 20 with a shopping bag in his hand, then continued his journey in complete tranquility.

“I was frightened – adds the victim – also for the blood dripping from my face and I decided to start and run to avoid that maybe the boy would return to do other damage.”

The reason for the attack is completely unknown, in fact there was no attempted robbery.

An act of violence probably carried out by those who suffer from some mental problem or by those who were under the strong effect of some narcotic drug.

The attacker seems to have broken the window by hitting him with some blunt instrument present in the shopping bag. The hypothesis is that they are some migrants hosted at the Adige residence in via al Desert.

The victim went to the emergency room of Santa Chiara where the injuries to his ear and neck were sutured.