Italy: Bar Owner Closes at Midnight for Curfew, Opens Back Up 15 Minutes Later

This dude is alpha.

Talk about a “big boss.”

Union Sarda:

It was supposed to close at 24 and it did. But it reopened 15 minutes later.

A dealer from Catanzaro Lido has decided to circumvent the dpcm with this stratagem which provides for the early closure of the premises. Sanctionable? No, because he limited himself to respecting the only obligation expressly provided for in the decree, the closing time, interpreting the much less clear part on reopening.

His bar is usually open 24 hours a day, and he just didn’t think about closing at midnight. And therefore, since the decree does not specify the opening time, “I closed at 00.00 and I raised the shutters at 00.15”.

Not even ten minutes later, the police checks arrived: “They ordered me to close – he said in an interview with Nuova Calabria -. I pointed out to him what is in the dpcm, where the timetable is missing. reopening “.

There is nothing left for the agents to do but acknowledge this shortcoming and allow the business to continue. A real paradox.

If more people were willing to stand up against this bullshit, the government wouldn’t be able to do to us what they are doing to us.

In Italy, I can’t imagine people are not really angry about this crap. Italy is still a right-wing country that prizes freedoms. I wish that Matteo Salvini switched it up and became an anti-lockdown crusader, as he could really win big on that, I’m sure.

By the way, people on reddit are buttmad at this alpha boss.

This was the headline they used on r/worldnews:

Reddit really hates the cops when they arrest black people. But if they don’t arrest white people who don’t FOLLOW THE RULES, they become unhinged.

People from reddit believe they have a right to control every aspect of your life because the media and the government told them so. They are literal robots, and they will put “Governments is restricting my freedom!” in sneer quotes when talking about people who don’t think the government has a right to enforce a curfew in peacetime based on a virus hoax.

AGAIN: These redditors are the same people who think black people should be allowed to murder whites and not have to pay bail afterward. They just believe whatever they think everyone else believes.

Reddit has become such a total cesspit because it confirms to many people that everyone else is going along with exactly everything the media and government says. Some person might potentially ask himself: “should I just believe everything the government and media tell me, as if it is the word of God Himself?” If he goes on reddit, he finds: “yes, I should do that, because that is what everyone else is doing.”

People are herd animals. That comes before they are believers in authority. Although they are both, the herd comes first (hence revolutions). The goal of our establishment is to make sure that the herd agrees with authority, and that is what the mass internet censorship has really helped with.