Italy Arrests Black Voodoo Nigerian Gang Members! Shock!

How could someone predict that the Nigerians would be riding dirty and getting grimy?

Daily Caller:

Police in Italy arrested roughly 30 people suspected of being members of a Nigerian gang that was known for carrying out rape and ritual murders, the BBC reported Monday.

Authorities carried out raids across 14 Italian provinces in connection to the Nigerian Black Axe mafia syndicate, a secret society that emerged in the 1970s with the aim of “liberating” the black race, according to the BBC.

The group was known for its brutal violence before it went on to build a powerful network overseas. Police say the suspects they arrested face about 100 charges, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution and internet fraud, the BBC reported.

The suspected Black Axe members are believed to have used Bitcoin to conduct financial transactions on the dark web to buy cloned credit cards. Most of the crimes the alleged gang members were charged with were committed on the internet, Reuters reported.

All of the suspects arrested were Nigerian nationals, according to Reuters.

Among those arrested was a 35-year-old man believed to be the group’s leader in Italy.

“There is evidence that the members had a direct connection with the Nigerian gang, drawing on the same vocabulary, symbols and affiliation rituals,” Italian police said, according to the BBC.

This VICE clip on the Nigerian mafia using “refugees” is from 2017:

You have to wonder what people expect foreigners to do in our countries.

When Tony Montana arrived in Miami from Cuba, he said: “this town is like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.”

This is the attitude that foreigners are always going to have when invited into a country that they have no ties or bonds with. Why would any of them not be expected to exploit the situation?

This concept Westerners have of society as a purely commercial enterprise makes it difficult to understand anything, really. In order to live in a society, it has to mean more to you than “something that I drain money from for personal gain.” If you have large numbers of people with no connection at all to the society as a whole, it’s going to lead to the society being progressively bled dry and eventually collapsing.