Italy: Anti-Vax is Terrorism

I do not agree that anti-vax is terrorism.


Italian police have said that anti-vaxxers had planned to launch armed attacks during protests against the government scheduled for this weekend in Rome. Eight people are under investigation for incitement to crime.

The country’s police on Thursday announced that its forces had blitzed through the homes and computers of anti-vaxxers across six Italian provinces, including in the cities of Milan, Rome and Venice. A video uploaded to the state police’s Twitter account showed the operation.

The group, who had named themselves ‘The Warriors’, were believed to be using the messenger app Telegram to coordinate their ambush at the upcoming protests in the capital and encourage attacks elsewhere. The weekend’s demonstrations are against the government’s so-called Green Pass, which requires Italians to show documents confirming their vaccination or viral status upon entry to certain venues, or as a requirement for some forms of travel.

Eight self-declared anti-vax “warriors” are now under investigation by the police for their involvement in inciting violence, among whom are five women, as per local news. According to the outlet Il Giorno, the suspects had even plotted to use weapons and DIY explosives at the demonstrations.

So only three of them are men?

The majority of the terrorist ring-leaders are women?

This trend of framing people who oppose virus law as terrorists is disturbing.

As a general rule, everyone who disagrees with the government about anything is now being framed as a terrorist.

This can’t possibly end well.