Italy: Anti-Immigrant Referendum in Lampedusa Passes with Over 99% of the Vote

What kind of sick neo-Nazi wouldn’t want more of this in his country?

These people seem to think that “democracy” means getting what you want.

It’s a common misconception.


Locals on the Italian island of Lampedusa have participated in a referendum calling for an end to new illegal migrant landings.

The referendum was called two weeks ago and saw the majority of participants, some 988 people, vote to close the migrant “hotspot” centre, with only four people voting to keep the centre’s doors open.

A committee of local citizens released a statement saying: “For 30 years, in the face of the continuous violation of the most essential rights for the population and for immigrants, Lampedusa has been used as a military management platform for migration.”

“All this with the complicity of local administrations and through a moral and economic blackmailing strategy, to the detriment of the local population,” the locals added, according to an Il Giornale report.

I’m gonna assume those 4 people were all either childless women or nonwhite invaders themselves.

Also, notice how one-sided the whole thing was, as opposed to the kosher media’s line that people are “divided” on the issue.

There is no such division in reality.

There is no country in Europe, not even Sweden, where a referendum to reduce immigration to ZERO wouldn’t pass by a wide margin. That’s why it’s never happened.

Almost any right-wing government anywhere in the formerly-Western world to be elected in the past 20 years or so was voted in primarily for the promise of lowering immigration, and virtually every single one of them just spontaneously changed their minds for no reason after they won power.

Because when there are no real consequences for gaining power by lying, then your vote doesn’t really matter, and even when you get someone in power who at least tries to stick to what he said, there’s an amorphous blob of bureaucrats and judges to make sure nothing ever gets done. Hence, Donald Trump, the supposedly most powerful man in the world, literally can’t even build a hecking fence in his own hecking country.

The results of the referendum come as another 43 migrants were transported to the island by the migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans over the weekend. The Germany-based NGO Sea-Watch has also launched a new reconnaissance plane named Seabird from Lampedusa, as well, to search for migrant boats in the Mediterranean.

“It is not our intention to ignore the seriousness of the migration problem. However, we believe that, starting from the claim of the rights and serenity for the Lampedusians and Lampedusa, we can begin a process of questioning the entire governance of migration,” the Lampedusians said.

As the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown measures in Italy ease, the country has seen a surge in new migrant numbers from both the Mediterranean and the Balkan route over the border with Slovenia.

Many are also concerned that migrants could bring new cases of coronavirus to Italy as well, as was the case just days ago when it was revealed at least 28 migrants transported to Italy by the NGO Sea-eye were infected with the Chinese disease.

There are more invaders coming in right now than a couple of months ago, but even then they were still coming.

Because locking you inside of your home so we don’t all die from the flu, while at the same time importing invaders who literally have the flu that we’re all gonna die from is a hallmark of democracy.

Because “democracy” today doesn’t mean “ethnocentric form of militarism,” like everyone understood it did in all of human history until the Jewish take over of the mass media.