Italy and Ireland Extend Lockdown for Three More Weeks, Britain Could Extend It Even Further

Pictured: you when the lockdown finally ends.

It looks like everyone will stay at home this year.

Daily Mail:

Ireland and Italy announced today they will extend their coronavirus lockdowns until early May in the latest warning sign that Britons face more weeks locked inside.

In a televised address, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar today said stay-at-home restrictions will be extended ‘for a further three weeks’ until 5 May.

Ireland has shut bars, restaurants and non-essential retail and told people not to travel more than 1.2 miles from their home or visit friends and family.

Earlier today, Italian media reported that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is preparing to stretch the country’s stringent quarantine measures until 3 May in order to avoid a second wave of the virus that has decimated the country.

The fact that both countries will keep their measures in place until early May suggests that Britain could remain shut down for longer than that.

If Italy’s outbreak remains around two weeks ahead of Britain’s, the UK can expect to remain in lockdown until at least mid-May if it adopts similar policies.

UK officials have played down talk of relaxing the measures and warned people not to lower their guard over Easter.

Not to lower their guard? What?

92% of deaths attributed to coronavirus in the UK are people over 60 years old and we know that in Italy, virtually every “coronavirus” death had one or more preexisting condition.

There is really nothing to be afraid of. Coronavirus is literally just the flu.

Continuing the lockdown will be more devastating than anything the virus could ever do. People are losing their jobs, they’re losing their minds in isolation, they’re contemplating suicide and their countries will be nothing like they remember once the lockdowns are lifted.

This is the stupidest nightmare ever.