Italy: Algerian Illegal Sodomizes and Kills Dog Then Gets Reports of It Removed from Google Search Results

Diversity Macht Frei
September 19, 2018


Meet Mohammed. Mohammed is an Algerian illegal immigrant living in Vittoria, Siciily. He likes to torture animals. In this video he approaches a group of stray dogs that live outside a petrol station. Most of them run away when he comes. One dog, Nerina, stays. Mohammed then sodomises Nerina with an iron bar. Nerina dies an agonising death not long afterwards.

The corpse of Nerina

Last September, the Italian anti-immigration site Vox published an article about this incident.

Now Vox has received a notice from Google saying that links to this article have been removed from its search results following a complaint about violation of privacy.

This can only have come from the perpetrator himself, who was named in the article only as Mohammed, with no surname given.

It’s bizarre and disturbing that the EU’s “Right to be Forgotten” can be invoked by illegal immigrants to conceal news reports about their own atrocities.