Italy: Albanian Hajis Beat Up Italian Man in Street

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2019

Diego Compagnucci.

Nothing good ever comes out of Albania.

Albanians are a race of people so wicked that even other Moslems refuse to utter their name without first invoking Allah’s mercy.

Il Resto del Carlino (Translation):

Diego Compagnucci, 46, of Jesi, was a victim of an assault by two foreigners who beat him while he was alone along the Viale della Vittoria, and is still in shock. He also vented on social media, posting pictures of himself in the emergency room, injured and badly attacked.

“It was around 9.15 pm, I was near the traffic lights, in front of the wine shop, says the 46-year-old. Two of them hit me. They are Albanians, peers, who, at that moment, were walking with two other men and their families. He knew one of the attackers: to make the spark explode, they would have been old grudges born in the workplace of the past and suddenly resurfaced. And so, after meeting each other, a few words were flown between the two and the fuse was lit: an animated exchange of jokes that triggered fury. The Albanian, accompanied by another man, thus crossed the avenue, determined to settle the accounts.

Compagnucci recounts: “I suddenly came up against them. I immediately understood that their intentions were not good: one of them grabbed me by the arm from behind while the other started hitting me in the front.”

The beating caused fractures and several bruises on his face: “It wasn’t easy but I still managed to free myself and ran away. Desperate, I threw myself in the middle of the road in search of the help of some motorists but unfortunately no one has stopped,” explained the man. “Meanwhile, the other two chased me until a couple of local residents came down to help me.”

The 46-year-old said he turned to the police yesterday to file a complaint against the attackers.