Italy: 15,000 Scum Working at Invader Centers to Lose Their Jobs Thanks to Salvini’s Cuts

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2019

“Look how eager they are to pay your pensions, goyim!”

Imagine tens of thousands of people literally making a living by destroying their own country, and getting paid by said country to do it.

How is that normal?


Following a series of budgetary cuts as part of populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s security and migration decree, migrant helper associations claim they have been forced to lay off thousands of employees.

The Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) union announced the complaint, saying that so far pro-migrant groups have been forced to lay off around 5,000 workers due to the funding cuts in the security decree and added that the social centres were looking at a total of 15,000 layoffs by the end of the year, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

CGIL’s Stefano Sabato commented on the effect of the migration funding cuts saying, “At the moment we have come to count about 5000 redundancy procedures, to which we are responding with the tools available, solidarity agreements, fund for wage integration, but our interest is to be able to restore ordinary social safety nets to cope with the dramatic situation that in this way we risk not being able to manage.”

“If the Security decree is not reformed or amended within 12 months, we will still have to launch mass dismissal procedures,” he added.

Aren’t unions supposed to be for people who actually work for a living?

What exactly do these parasites do?

And how exactly are you helping the union members by flooding the country with foreigners, which can only lower their wages and make it harder for them to find jobs?

No wonder more than half the people in this communist front are pensioners.

The announcement of mass layoffs in the pro-migrant reception sector come only months after the left-wing groups complained that their profits were going to decline as a result of the security decree.

We rightfully talk about Jews all the time, but remember that there’s an enormous number of non-Jews who make a ton of money out of bringing this filth here, all on taxpayer money that no taxpayer voted to give them.

Still, it’s pretty impressive what the Lega has done in such a short time.

The Jews in the media like to call them fascists but the truth is they’re actually pretty cucky, and yet they still managed to halt all boats to Italy to almost zero, massively cut back on the funds these parasites receive, and generally make life much harder for the invaders.

Never forget that all these insane things that Shlomo tells us are inevitable, unstoppable and irreversible can actually be fixed very fast by a government that actually wants to do it.

And we don’t even have to run the governments directly ourselves – it’s enough to just make the people who do fear us more than they fear Jews.