Italy: 15-Year-Old Tunisian Attempts to Rape Woman on Street, Gets Promptly Arrested

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

Imagine trying to rape someone – a 46-year-old, no less – when the entire country is on lockdown and police are patrolling everywhere.

These people are retarded.

Il Giornale (Translation):

He took advantage of the fact that the streets of Ravenna were empty, given the limitations imposed by the government regarding the movement of citizens in an attempt to limit the infections from Coronavirus, to implement his plan and attack the victim he had followed shortly distance. After jumping on her, he undressed her and then touched her private parts, giving up his intentions and being removed only thanks to the woman’s prompt reaction. However, an escape was completely useless, given that the surveillance cameras in the area allowed investigators to quickly identify the person responsible.

As reported by the local press, he is a 15-year-old Tunisian, multi-prejudiced despite his very young age and well known for some time to the police in Ravenna for drug issues.

The events occurred a few days ago, when the victim, a 46-year-old woman, was returning home after finishing her shift. Once the car was parked in the parking area of ​​Piazzale Torre Umbratica, the 46-year-old reached the San Gaetanino ring road on foot. It is here that the North African, riding a bicycle, saw her pass, following her a short distance before going into action.

Once her prey was identified, the 15-year-old Maghreb shot towards her and left the two-wheeled vehicle on the ground, catching her by surprise behind her.

The victim was stripped of the leggings he wore and then groped by the stranger, who was able to act undisturbed since there was no one around who could intervene due to the anti-Covid-19 limitations. Despite the initial shock, the woman managed to react with great promptness, which convinced the underage attacker to abandon the place and give it to her legs, in the hope of losing her tracks before the probable arrival of the police.

The men of the local police of Ravenna and those of the state police arrived on the scene, who took care of collecting the deposition of the 46-year-old and starting the investigations to trace the person in charge. After viewing the images taken by some surveillance cameras installed in the area, the investigators managed to obtain photos of the culprit, sent to the steering wheels on duty throughout the city area. Thanks to this, a patrol of the flying team recognized and arrested the 15 year old in via Fiume: he had marijuana and a can of spray on him.