Italy: 15-Year-Old North African Breaks Elderly Woman’s Femur During Robbery

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

Cultural enrichment is one thing that can never be truly quarantined.

Vox (Translation):

Yet another episode of assault with robbery in Florence, the victim is an elderly lady, pushed, beaten and thrown to the ground by a foreign teenager, intent on taking possession of her purse.

The violence of the immigrant caused her to break her femur.

The victim, a 79-year-old Florentine woman, left the house to go to the pharmacy when she was targeted by the young immigrant criminal. Confident that he could easily commit the blow, the foreign minor followed the elderly woman and then attacked her at the right time, surprising her from behind. A struggle arose, with the robber struggling to tear the purse from the woman’s hands, and the latter desperately trying to resist to defend the few savings.

With a strong jerk, the non-EU citizen managed to take possession of the loot and escape, while the old woman ended up ruinously on the ground. Thrown violently.

Immediate reaction from some passersby who, after witnessing the scene, immediately rushed to the aid of the 79 year old, injured and in shock. Alerted by one of the witnesses, the police officers of Florence rushed to the scene followed by an ambulance from 118. While the sanitary workers were in charge of assisting the elderly, the policemen listened to his story and then started the search for the manager .

Following the direction indicated by the victim and the witnesses, the agents only managed to find the stolen purse, which the boy had naturally proceeded to empty of all its contents, taking away a cell phone and the money contained in the wallet.

With an eyebrow wound still bleeding and an obvious trauma to the leg, the 79 year old was transported to the emergency room of the Careggi hospital and then hospitalized because of a fracture in the femur: 35 days of prognosis for her.

After only 48 hours of investigations, the agents of the police headquarters in Florence were able to trace and identify the person in charge thanks to the description provided by the victim and the images extrapolated from the surveillance cameras present at the robbery site. It was a 15-year-old North African, against whom only a complaint was made for aggravated robbery and injuries.

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