Italy: 100,000 Sign Petition Demanding Eurozone Referendum

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2015

The best part about the euro is the 500 note which has really made life a lot easier for drug dealers.
The best part about the euro is the 500 note which has really made life a lot easier for drug dealers and other folks who deal in suitcases full of cash.

An anti-Europe Italian political party has collected over 100,000 signatures on a petititon for a referendum on a pull-out from the eurozone.

The biggest problem with the EU is that it offers exactly zero benefits to anyone other than a bunch of super-rich Jew bankers, and causes all these massive problems for everyone else.


An Italian lawmaker affiliated with the country’s Five Star Movement (M5S) Party, Carlo Sibila, said although the petition has already exceeded the required number of signatures needed for the legislative initiative, he expects his party to gather 50,000 more signatures by early May in a bid to highlight the issue, RT reported.

The Italian MP further stated that he expects a referendum on the move will take place by early next year.

“Who wants to stay in euro? This is the main question,” said Sibila as quoted in the report. “But we don’t want to get out just like this – we want a program and a discussion, and then let the citizens decide.”

According to the legislator, Italy’s debt climbed dramatically following the introduction of the euro. Sibila further noted that Italy’s unemployment rate hovers around 12.7 percent, the sixth highest in the EU.

“It’s really necessary today as the situation in Italy is going from bad to worse where (as far as) jobs and economy are concerned,” he added.

However, according to the report, the Italian constitution does not allow the cancellation of international accords signed before the referendum.

“We can’t have our own fiscal policy, but without the euro it is possible in Italy,” Sibila emphasized, underlining, however, that his M5S Party is not after pulling out of the European Union, but merely seeks to leave the currency union.

“Italian citizens need to have the right to decide if they want to stay inside or outside the monetary union,” Sibila said. “We are not questioning the European Union, it is only the monetary union.”

Anti-Euro tensions are mounting all across Europe, as everyone is asking what the point of all of this mass destruction is. Bizarrely, the establishment itself is responding with pseudo-religious rhetoric about the EU and eurozone being some type of monumental human endeavor for which individuals much sacrifice themselves. It reminds me a lot of Asimov and Clarke type religious jargon about humanity’s great goals of progress and unity and blah blah blah.

How are we going to build a Foundation if we can't even build a eurozone?
How are we going to build a Foundation if we can’t even build a eurozone, goyim?

And yes, for the record, Asimov was definitely a Jew.