Italians Attacked by Cops Again for Protesting Vax Pass!

It’s too late.

It’s too cold for sustained protests in most countries, and now we’re going into the Dark Winter, when the clamp will be clamped down.


Thousands-strong protests against Covid-19 immunity passes took place in several Italian cities. In Trieste, the demonstration was marred by minor clashes between some protesters and riot police.

The weekly rally in the northern Italian port city drew around 8,000 people, according to police estimates. The event was mostly peaceful, but some violence occurred in the evening when a group of around 200 activists tried to break through police barriers and enter the Piazza Unita d’Italia. The police pushed back, forcing the crowd to retreat and disperse, local media reported.

In Milano, an anti-Green Pass march of several thousand demonstrators deviated from the route approved by the authorities, causing some traffic disruption. The incident did not result in any confrontations with police.

There were some negative expectations for an event in Novara, with Mayor Alessandro Canelli appealing to the organizers to cancel it. A week earlier, a similar rally drew backlash from the Italian Jewish community after some activists dressed in striped vests resembling the robes of concentration camp prisoners. Saturday’s protest went as scheduled without incident.

Look at the size of this.

There was also a mass protest in Germany over the weekend, which was subjected to the standard police attack.

The English media isn’t covering that one either.

It happens constantly, it happened all summer – and it doesn’t do anything, at all.

In fact, we might have to question if there was ever even a purpose to a protest movement. If there was, I can’t figure what it is.

The media just covers it up and things continue on as planned.

We have said that Islam is right about women.

It’s now time to admit that black people are right about cops.

These people will do whatever they are told, and they will do anything to anyone.

Every Western nation’s police force is the private army of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

They’re gonna have to kill me.

I’m not taking this “vaccine.”