Italian Traitors “Rescue” 4,200 More “Migrants”

Daily Stormer
May 31, 2015

Whenever I see these pictures I'm just like "yes! It is so great these people are here!"
Whenever I see these pictures I’m just like “yes! It is so great these people are here!”

Great news, everyone – Europe just got even more diverse!

Wow! Can you imagine the ethnic food restaurants and other possible benefits???


Italy’s coast guard said it coordinated the rescue of more than 4,200 migrants off Libya’s coast while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea since Friday.

In some of the most intense Mediterranean migrant traffic of the year, a total of 4,243 people were saved from fishing boats and motorized rubber dighies.

The 22 operations took place Friday and involved ships from a host of European nations including Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Britain. Rescued migrants were taken to southern Italian harbors, including Sicily.

The coast guard said it also found 17 corpses. The nationalities of the victims and circumstances of their death remain unknown, but Italian officials have often described the grim conditions — exhaustion, thirst, exposure and violence — found on what are usually flimsy vessels.

Calm seas and warm spring weather has led to an increase in migrants attempting the journey. Also, observers say worsening conditions in lawless Libya, the North African staging place for many migrants’ journeys, is contributing to the problem.

Many of the migrants come from Syria, Nigeria, Mali and Eritrea fleeing war, political persecution and economic woes.

lol. At least we’re now admitting they are economic immigrants, and that they aren’t fleeing oppression in Libya. That’s a step in the right direction, for certain. I think it is us pushing the issue that has caused the media to be forced to acknowledge this.

It has to be in the discussion, so we are all clear that we are allowing hundreds of thousands of people into Europe simply because they are poor and want free things. If people decide that is okay, then there is nothing to be done. But we must at least be honest about what is happening.