Italian Social Worker Brutally Raped by Illegal Arab

Daily Stormer
October 26, 2013

Questura arresto violenza sessuale Es Sahly Buojemaa
Sahly Buojemaa: Enriching the Italian culture the old fashioned way – with knives and rape.

Last Sunday night in Rapallo, Italy, a Moroccan, Sahly Buojemaa, 32, residing illegally in Italy, tricked an Italian social worker he met at a dinner party into visiting him with her boyfriend.

The pair no doubt had the typical bleeding heart liberal sympathy for the poor oppressed nonwhite, so they must have been shocked when they entered the doorway of the address they were told to meet the immigrant to find a man standing with a knife and an iron bar.

The boyfriend was forced to remain in the hallway, while the girl was dragged upstairs to be raped. She would later describe the illegally occupied building as filled with immigrants sleeping in rooms and engaging in business on computers.

She was beaten severely with a metal bar while she was raped.