Italian PM After 6000 Africans Arrive in a Week: “This is Not an Invasion”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2016


The very fact you would be in a situation where you have to come out and assure people they are not being invaded is disturbing even if it wasn’t an actual invasion, which it categorically is.

This reminds me of the ATF fire-bombing and ramming tanks into the Davidian compound while saying through a bullhorn “this is not an assault.”

The Local:

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Friday played down a spike in boat crossings from Libya which has resulted in 6,000 mainly African migrants landing in Italy this week, insisting: “we are not facing an invasion.”

Renzi told a press conference after the figures were released by the International Organisation for Migration in Geneva that the numbers arriving from Libya so far this year were broadly in line with the 2015 pattern.

Fears are running high in Italy that the country could be confronted with a surge in migrants trying to reach its southern shores as a result of EU moves to close routes through the Greek Islands and the Balkans.

Italian officials are also wary of the possibility of neighbouring EU countries closing their borders, as France did temporarily last year and Austria is threatening to do now.

The interior ministry this week asked local authorities to find 15,000 extra beds to house asylum-seekers in anticipation of a possible increase in the numbers of people requiring accommodation.

“There is a problem that concerns our country but there is not an invasion underway,” Renzi said.

“We have taken certain initiatives but we are not facing an invasion. It is a big problem but we have clear ideas about how to deal with it.”

Renzi said the EU was working on deals with African countries to stem the flow of migrants leaving for Europe and to prevent those who do from being allowed to pass through transit countries.

“I do not want to play it down but I do want to send a reassuring message. The numbers of boats are barely a few higher compared to last year.”

The IOM said that of the 6,021 migrants who have reached Europe by sea since Tuesday, only 174 had landed in Greece with the balance coming ashore in Italy.

“Many of them were from sub-Saharan Africa, and we have noticed an increase in numbers from the Horn of Africa, particularly Eritreans,” Federico Soda, head of the IOM’s Rome office, said in a statement.

Brutal civil war in Eritrea.

Would you deny these innocent victims, goyim?

Do you have no compassion?